Excavator and teleporter extension jibs

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Our range of extension jibs are suitable for all telehandlers and excavators from 6 -22  tons.

  • Full CE certification given
  • Extendable from 10ft – 13ft – 16ft
  • Increases machine capability and versatility

Lift capacity:

  • 10ft (fully closed) 1000kg
  • 13ft (middle distance extended) 600kg
  • 16ft (fully extended) 400kg

We carry jibs for 10-14 ton machines in stock with 65mm pins, 400mm centers and dipper width of 260mm.

We have 20 ton jibs with 80mm pins, 18 in ch centers and 12 inch dipper widths.

Multilink jibs to fit 13 & 20 ton machines are to the above spec.

We usually carry JCB Q Fit jibs and Manitau jibs in stock. For any others telehandlers or 6-9 ton excavator jibs please call to order. Lead time is approx 2 weeks for non stock items.

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Additional information

Machine type

Excavator, Teleporter

Size/linkage type

6 -9 ton excavator, 6 & 14 ton multilink, 10-14 ton excavator, 15-18 ton excavator, 18 – 22 ton excavator, 14 & 20 ton multilink, Manitau teleporter, JCB Q fit teleporter, Pin & Cone loader